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Beautifully-illustrated games you can play anywhere with just a handful of components.
Beards & Booty - Kickstarter over - coming soon!Spies - available now

Coming soon: Beards & Booty

Get ready to roll some dice and form your special combos. Be the last pirate standing to win – damage other player’s reputation, heal your own, and collect gold to unleash some special attacks!

Our first game: Spies

Spies is a game of hidden movement and deduction for 2-6 players, 20-30 minutes, ages 8 and up. You’re all spies that have infiltrated an ambassador’s mission, and each of you is tracking the player on your left (your Target). Complete your own missions, try to sabotage your Target’s missions, and figure out where your Target ends up for bonus points.

It all fits on a single sheet of paper per player (an optional but recommended shield can be printed off to block spying eyes until the end of the game).

Watch the 1-minute video: