About us

No Box Games

No Box Games exists to create amazing games you can print and play with no assembly required. These aren’t just ‘portable’ games – they’re games you can access and enjoy anywhere on the planet (or in outer space – any gamers on the ISS?).

These print-at-home titles get the full treatment of playtesting and art you’d expect from any tabletop game, but saves us a bunch of time and effort in manufacturing, shipping, distribution, and so on. That’s more time perfecting games and less time worrying about getting them to you. Win-win!

Chris Backe

Hey everyone! I’m Chris Backe (rhymes with ‘hockey’), and I’m a game designer, developer, editor, and proofreader. I got into game design in 2016, and started professionally working in the board game industry in 2021. I’m the co-founder of Virtual Playtesting, and have spent literally thousands of hours in Tabletop Simulator. I have over a dozen games signed, and I’m excited to work with a pair of dedicated professionals to make some amazing games!

Roque DeLeon

Hi I’m Roque! (You can call me Rocky.) I’m a digital marketer and creator of things – I always love working on a project and having something to do. In fact, I first started learning marketing to help promote my art career, website, and t-shirt companies. As I learned for myself I started helping small businesses as well. Now 12 years later I have worked with all kinds of clients from chiropractors, to Grammy-nominated DJs, and even professional football teams – helping them promote their brands online and grow their business through digital marketing.

Most recently, I have worked with independent tabletop publishers helping them market their games and Kickstarter projects by consulting, creating marketing assets, and managing ad campaigns. I love the tabletop hobby and it feels good to give back and help creators in a community I am passionate about.

Parker Simpson

I’m Parker Simpson, and I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator for roughly a decade and recently dove into the professional world of tabletop games. Board games have always been a part of my life, but Gen Con 2022 was my first taste of the hobby in a professional capacity. While there, I helped promote a project I illustrated. Seeing players interact with my artwork during gameplay felt so much more rewarding than any other avenue I’d explored with my art. That weekend solidified a decision to fully commit to finding my way into this industry!

Since then, I’ve also found joy in designing my own games and launched Shiny Pigeon Games to self-publish my creations. I focus on creating easy-to-learn, family-weight games that bring people together for a break from life’s hustle and bustle.

Previous partners

Kristian Fosh

Hi! I’m Kris, designer and developer of Catapult Kingdoms Feud and Escape from Flat Earth. After spending a looooong career in digital gaming, I got hooked on tabletop design after I started making a game for – and then with – my two kids who love nothing more than to build… and then break what the other has built! Thus Catapult Feud was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Creating fun experiences for people around the world is such a joy and it’s an incredible feeling when someone tells you they’ve played your game and really enjoyed it.