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As we all say hello to 2024, No Box Games is proud to announce a slate of three print-at-home titles that will launch via Kickstarter in 2024.

These three games follow 2022’s release of Spies! (a hidden movement deduction game) and 2023’s Beards and Booty (pirate dice-rolling with a twist).

Let’s take a closer look!

Around the World in 10-15 Minutes

Travel the world, explore cities, and collect souvenirs in this 1-6 player print at home game!

Around the World in 10-15 Minutes fits on one sheet per player, can be taught in less than five minutes, and is fully played in 10-15 minutes. You’re all travelers out to explore the world. Each turn, one player is the Navigator, who chooses one of three actions that all players must take. Each player always has an interesting decision, whether you’re the Navigator or a Follower. Lots of strategies and counter-strategies that unfolds atop a fun, light travel theme.

Expect Around the World in 10-15 Minutes to hit Kickstarter in April 2024.

Dragon vs. Castle

This one’s still in early playtesting, so enjoy my mockup until Kristian gets to draw some dragons!

Backers of Beards & Booty chose the theme of this game!

No Box Games’ second title of 2024 is Dragon vs. Castle.

Attack the castle?

Defend the castle?

Why not both?

In this play-and-pass game, each player gets to be the dragon on one sheet and a castle-builder on the rest of them. Move and attack when you’re the dragon, and score points as a castle builder when you attack someone else’s dragon or connect towers with walls! When you’re done with your turn, pass your sheet clockwise. Asymmetric play leads to plenty of unique player decisions and different incentives.

The game will go live on Kickstarter July of 2024.

A Replayable Campaign Game

Set in a post-apocalyptic winter, No Box Games’ final project for 2024 will be a campaign-style game where your progress in one chapter determines what happens in the next chapter. In this 30 minute per chapter choose-a-way style game, players can expect a story-driven campaign that’s still easy to learn and approachable by casual players. This project is still in early development in terms of theme and mechanisms, so be on the lookout for more updates throughout the year.

The project will launch via Kickstarter campaign in fall 2024.

We can’t wait to bring these games to you!

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