Track your target, complete (or sabotage) missions, and figure out where they’ve been!

Hidden movement and deduction
2-6 players, 20-30 minutes, 8 and up

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What is Spies?

You’re all spies, infiltrating an ambassador’s mansion to complete or sabotage missions. Each player is tracking their target (the player to their left) while being tracked by the player on their right. You’ll score points for completing missions, successfully sabotaging missions, and deducing which rooms they visited. At the end of the game, reveal your sheets and score the most points to win.

Each game is played on a single sheet of paper per player, with another sheet used as a reference card / shield.

This game is available in 18 languages: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.


How to play

Each round has three phases: a travel phase, a mission phase, and a question phase.

  • Travel phase: secretly move up to two rooms away. Plan ahead! Once you exit a room, you cannot enter it again.
  • Mission phase: choose to complete the mission in that room or sabotage it. How sure are you about where your target has gone?
  • Question phase: in turn order, ask your target a question from the list. They must tell the truth, but each question can only be asked once per game!

As you play, take notes or use the smaller map to track your target’s movements.

An awesome review from the Hairy Game Lords:

A big thanks to our translators!

  • Chinese (by Amery Amatus Siu)
  • Croatian (by Tin Vahtarić)
  • Czech (by Richard Viewegh)
  • Danish (by Jesper Fledelius-Gehrke)
  • Dutch (by Aarnt Eijer)
  • French (by Florian Roguin and Christopher Loizou)
  • German (by Robin Metz)
  • Greek (by Angelo Nikolaou)
  • Hebrew (by Liad Pelled)
  • Hindi (by Abhishek Thakkar)
  • Hungarian (by István Dani)
  • Indonesian (by Djoyo Marsiono)
  • Italian (by Ilaria Sestili)
  • Polish (by Robert Pielach)
  • Portuguese (by Rodrigo Jäger)
  • Spanish (by Enrique Naranjo Guerra)
  • Swedish (by Markus Brandefelt)

A big thanks to our playtesters!

Alex Knight, Andy Juell, Chad Zee, David Gordon, Deepak Muraleedharan, Eli, Florian Maas, Ian Brocklebank, Jack Rosetree, Jay Bucciarelli, Joe Slack, Jordan Sorenson, Just Adam’s Fine, Louie Trembley, Mads Floe, Mathijs Jansen, Matthew Hocker, Phillippe, Roger Meloche, Roger V, and Tam.